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Ethical leadership in organizations and society
Ethical leadership is the way that leads to profitability. In an organization Henrikh Mkhitaryan Jersey , one of the greatest needs is having a charismatic-ethical leader. An ethical leader is one who promotes honesty and also mirrors his actions with their values and beliefs (Morelli et al. 2010). Ethical leadership involves leaders having good character and the right values.

In my understanding of ethical leadership, it is about knowing your core values and then living them in every part of your life in the service of common good. I have been working in an organization where I saw some situations where leaders did consider profits as being more important than living by the organization鈥檚 values. I believe that leaders have a commitment to anything more than just the success of their company and also making money. In the organization, the leaders would concentrate more on making more profits than observing the values of the organization. At one time, the leader decided to engage in deception so as to get a better outcome from the sale of a particular product. Deception is against the rules of our organization. When we were signing a contract with another agency, the leader decided not to reveal all the necessary information to the individual because he thought that it would result in the agency being reluctant to join our company. The leader was not honest in his practice because he believed that if he disclosed all information Eric Bailly Jersey , it would not be profitable for the organization. Thus, he decided to ignore some aspects when making the contract so as to bring in the agency that would help the company make more profit. In this case, the leader did ignore the values of the organization and focused more on making profits.

Leaders should be able to lead others by example, and they usually earn the right to expect others to do certain things by doing the things themselves. In the organization, because of the unethical practice of the leader Demetri Mitchell Jersey , some of the members of the organization tend to engage in activities that are not in sync with the organization values. Because of what employees see leaders doing, they tend to emulate their behavior without caring about the effect that it may have on others. A business must ensure that it uses its resources and engage in activities designed to increase profits provided it stays within the rules of the game. Leaders must also make sure that they follow the established rules. Ethics is essential in business and leaders should engage in activities that are in agreement with the values of the organization. It is necessary for leaders to understand the consequences of not following the ethical line. Values are important in an organization because when an employee understands the organization鈥檚 values, they will be able to know what they are expected to do. At times, I tend to encounter conflict between self-interest and the interest of all. However, I usually consider the taking the action that will have a positive impact after questioning and reexamining the held beliefs and convictions.

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